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Brief review

Vocaboly presents users with a clear and easy to understand interface. As soon as this program has been downloaded, users of all levels will be able to choose preferences and get to work studying various vocabularies. Vocaboly has been developed to help students of all ages study for a variety of examinations.


After downloading Vocaboly, users will be prompted to choose the type of course vocabulary that they wish to study. Selections include SAT, GRE, VOA, GMAT, TOEFL, and others. All possible selections are listed to the left side of the screen and are presented in easy to read list form. Definitions and words are presented in a variety of learning methods, which are very well designed.

Main Function

Users can choose to review words and their meanings in flash form (where words flash across the screen along with meanings), through gameplay, by viewing a simple list of words with definitions, going through a multiple choice test, or spell words that are provided. Really, Vocaboly is the ultimate word tool and users of all kinds will find this preparation program essential when studying for an exam or for another purpose.

Extra Features

This program comes with a handy “speech engine” that allows users to ask the program to say a word. Sometimes, the best way to learn a language or a word is to hear it, and this feature really helps with that aspect of learning.


If you need to study for an upcoming vocabulary test, Vocaboly is an excellent program to choose and is worth the cost at $79.95.

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Reviewed by Alan Vega
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